Wood Sculpting/Carving With Various Chainsaws- Impressive

This video tutorial features a selection of American wood carvers as they each display their skills to a crowd over a 2 hour period.  Chainsaws, and various other heavy duty tools are used by each carver to aid them in creating their own finish subject.

There are bears, small woodland creatures and even a cowboy on a horse, quite incredible when you consider it is all freehand with no templates and the machinery they use isn’t the lightest on the market. Its incredible to see how they produce different textures just by angling the chainsaw and applying it slightly different. Definitely seek guidance before you have a go at chainsaw wood sculpting!

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    1. I have a Mulberry tree in backyard, what can I do to preserve color after cutting down? Is there a product I can spray, paint or rub to seal? I intend to use for crafts.

      Thank you

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