Wood Art Transfer

How to make quick and easy pieces of art using wood

This little video will show you how you can make some really unique and exciting pieces for you and your friends using only a handful of tools. If you would like to learn how to make your own pictures for your homes, some table mats and coasters or even your very own chess board then this is the tutorial for you. Trying to find those perfect items for your homes or gifts for friends can sometimes be tricky as you know your tastes and your friends, but just can’t seem to find the perfect match, now you can make your own by using the following instructions.

First you will need some pieces of wood, if you are making a trio of pictures then try to ensure your pieces are all the same size and that all the surfaces are relatively smooth. Next you will need to heat a iron at full temperature, while you gather your other items and make a start. The next item you will need is some iron on t-shirt paper. Peel off the back and then carefully place over your wood to cover. Do this for each of your pieces. then place the iron on top and move it carefully over to ensure that the picture is firmly stuck down. Sandpaper over the top if the surface is rough. You may want to add some extra touches like writing or even drawings and then to keep them moist free, paint over them with a glaze, leave to dry and then you have a perfect finished product that you can either give to friends as a gift or use yourself.

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