Willy Wonka – Pencil Drawing

A real treat for all you “Charlie and the Chocloate Factory fans. Here the artist has used only graphite to create an amazing identical image of the character “Willy Wonka”, played by actor Gene Wilder.

A classic film that will never lose its charm and appeal to audiences of all ages.

A story about a young boy who cares for all his family members, but deep down wishes that something scrumdiddlyumptious would happen to help them all. He is very close to his mother and also his Grandpa Joe.

Willy wonka decides to open the closed chocolate factory to the winners of the golden tickets. Charlie hopes and prays that when he opens his bars that a golden ticket would be in it, but it is not to be. All the tickets have gone and the dream is dashed. So Charlie treats himself to a Wonka bar and low and behold there is a golden ticket inside. The last ticket won was a fake and charlie holds in his hand the key that could help all his family. When he gets home his family don’t believe him, because all the tickets have gone, but realise that he is telling the truth, when on the news it is announced that the last ticket was a fake.

He wants Grandpa joe to go with him, but he has been lying in bed and hasn’t been out of it for ages. When he does get out Granpa Joe goes with him.

When they enter the factory they meet oompa loompa men. Enter rooms with chocloate rivers and sweets galore. One by one the other children that entered the factory disobey Wonka and end up in all sorts of trouble, except for Joe.

In the end, it was all a test. Wonka is getting too old and wants to find a child to look after his factory, one that will truly care for it the way he did. Joe turns out to be that boy.

The song here is “Pure Imagination” sung by Gene Wilder himself.

A film that will fill your heart with hope. It is truly magical.

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