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This is a first time video by an Australian artist and recent friend Sharon Grant. We met through another website ( when I found that her paintings were worthy of further note and suggested she produce a video tutorial so that we could promote her work on ArtisanHQ.

Sharon’s enthusiasm is immense and within hours she has taken one of the works she presented on PIL and developed a video with this work as the subject matter. Co-opting the help of her husband, she has put together a commendable first attempt (using only the video on her phone!) and her dialogue allows the viewer to feel her enthusiasm whilst understanding what she is demonstrating…the use of previous works to achieve a brand new result…recycling in some ways, whilst retaining the great parts of the original piece.

Well done Sharon and this example alone should be encouragement to the artists and artisans who would like to demonstrate their work and expertise for the benefit of the growing art community…have a go and let us all enjoy your passion.

Despite the fact that the video quality may not be on par with most of our others on ArtisanHQ we felt it well worth retaining this on the site as demonstration of what can be achieved if you have the desire. If Sharon subsequently decides to rework this video we will then have the pleasure of discovering the phases involved in producing a video worthy of your personal artisan creativity.

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    1. I will start the comment trail with a thank you to both Sharon and her husband for throwing themselves into producing this video…I have not lost sight of the message in the video to see things in old, potentially discarded paintings and reworking to produce a first class result…but…the greater lesson from this video is that you can achieve anything you desire provided you have great enough desire.

      Well done and look forward to the sequel

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