Tracey Kershaw – Tell Me About Your Mother

In memory of my mother margaret who died on 3rd oct 1984.

Famed for the creation of numerous maternal pieces of work, here artist Tracey Kershaw invites us to look at her current work around Mothers. A person dear to all of our hearts.

I first came across Tracey’s work a few years ago in my home town of Loughborough. She was exhibiting her current work “Tell Me About Your Mother”.  As I walked around the town hall sock gallery, there staring me in the face were those very words. To say that it spoke out to me was an understatement. It totally grabbed me and made me start to think about my own mother.


The idea is that you write down on pieces of paper things about your mother and then you post them into a little brown box.  Tracey collects all of these and uses them to display them on the walls when she does an exhibition.  Some of the things that people said were very heartfelt, while other things expressed were peoples inner most feelings and some were not that nice if i am honest, but the honesty came from the person who wrote them and not all experiences are truly great with our mothers for some people.

Tracey’s work looks at exploring the relationships between mothers and children. In her newest work, she has asked people to send to her photos of their mothers and to write a little about them.  Our parents and our relationships with them growing up has made us who we are today. We not only act like them, but find ourselves sounding like them. Regardless of our backgrounds we have all had good and bad experiences and some have had very bad ones.  We’ve all been told off at some point by our mothers. Only a mother can tell you off in one breath and in the next give you a big hug and love and tell you to forget about it and that she loves you.  For the majority of us yes this is true, but many children have had a rough time growing up and showed not much love by their mothers. This in turn carries into their adulthood and these children often find it hard to love others and have lasting relationships.  So it is important in Tracey’s work that we show all sides of this maternal relationship.

Here is a picture of my mother:

This is Margaret and she was born in Ballycastle Co Antrim in Northern Ireland.  Moved to the UK when she was 18. She is a family woman through and through. A caring lady who not only looked after her 4 children but all her family and friends. She had an amazing smile and a big laugh. She loved baking and visting her sister Eileen who lived in the same town.  Her strongest point was that she stood up for you and helped you in life, she showed you not to be afraid and to do the right thing. My mum died when she was 47 and I was 16. I am 47 this year. It hardly seems 5 mins ago when she used to shout up the stairs to get me up for school.  All I have now are memories and good ones at that. I miss her not being around, especially now I have a daughter of my own Rosie. I tell Rosie about my mum and now she is always talking about mama Margaret. Mama Margaret is in heaven with Tess and Hovis, who were my dogs when I was little.  She is mine and Rosie’s guardian angel and I believe that she still looks after me even though I cannot see her anymore.  It hurts like hell, but I now find myself using all the things she taught me so that I bring up Rosie, just like she did me.

If you would like to contact Tracey and share your photos and experiences then please do as Tracey will be very grateful for it.

Her web address is:  You will find further details about all her projects and latest works here also.

Likewise if you want to comment on this post about your mother then please do so.


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