Top 100 Art Tutorials

Speed Painting Watercolor Portrait

The application of generous amounts of water in the portrait makes for a very professional and confident end result. It is interesting to note how the artist has allowed the vibrant watercolors to … [Read More...]

Painting On Water!!

This is a very interesting way to paint wouldn't you say? At his workstation an artist has in front of him a large tray of water which is surrounded by various jars of different colored paint/ink. I … [Read More...]

How To Draw An Anime Face

Have you ever fancied being able to draw an 'Anime' face. Well this well edited step by step video tutorial shows you exactly what is required to do this. It concentrates on proportions and … [Read More...]

How To Draw The Female Face

Using the tablet and pen which most digital artists are familiar with, this particular artist demonstrates how to draw the correct proportions of the adult female face. There is a very basic first few … [Read More...]

Graffiti Throwie – How To Do It

This step by step video shows a young street artist showing you how to do a throwie. All the necessary steps are here to allow you to create your own tag and take it to the streets. Don't get caught … [Read More...]

Painting The Portrait

David Gray shows you how to paint realistic portraiture in this oil painting demonstration. This is possibly some of the finest oils work I have seen recently and is on par with some of the great … [Read More...]

Circular Needles For Beginners

In this video there are a range of topics which are covered.  The tutor talks about which types of projects require circular needles, using the appropriate kind of circular needle, the casting o … [Read More...]

How To Use A Sketch Book

Having a sketchbook and using it can be one of the most beneficial tools to an artist beacause not only does it allow you to log down ideas which you might have it is also portable and easy to sketch … [Read More...]

Drawing A Realistic Eye

This is a fantastic video tutorial on drawing a realistic eye. I did not expect the outcome to be as good as it is. The artist goes from start to finish here and deserves all the credit in the world. … [Read More...]

Adam Johnston – Pencil Illusion!

With his clever use of shading and heavy tones, Artist Adam Johnston makes this pencil drawing appear to come out of the paper. As your abilities within pencil drawing develop it is easier to achieve … [Read More...]

Latte’ Art

An exciting and intelligent use of art to perk up your Latte'. This video shows how something as ordinary as making a Latte' can be transformed into art, skilfully using the colors and textures of the … [Read More...]

The Colour Wheel – A Tutorial

This video uses a computer simulation and narrative to explain to the viewer the principles and rules needed to use the color wheel. Topics covered include the primary and secondary colors, shadowing … [Read More...]

A Gesture Drawing Tutorial

I absolutely love this video. This is exactly the kind of clear concise tutorial which the internet and art communities need. Using a Derwent pencil artist Paul takes on a couple of gestural drawings … [Read More...]

Painting For Beginners

In this short video tutorial from the 'ehow' group, the featured artist covers the extreme basics for the beginner artist. From the onset you are taught what materials are needed ie types of brushes, … [Read More...]

Richard Morris: Live Portrait Drawing

This is an excellent video of LA based figurative realist Richard Morris drawing a portrait of a young male from life. He begins by gaining all the proportions of the face to then go straight in with … [Read More...]

How To Draw A Rose

This is a nice time lapsed video by a young artist where you can see first hand how he draws a rose in full including the stem and leaves. The rose is symbolic for many things and is considered … [Read More...]

Sam Boeger: Dexter Painting

Sam Boeger takes on TV personality 'Dexter'. She tapes off areas and splatters red acrylic paint to look like blood and reflect his personality as a killer. For the face, she then moves on to using … [Read More...]

How To Draw A Male Manga Face

A well crafted piece guiding the viewer through the methods used to construct a male Anime character. Created with the use of pencil sketching to start and going on to thicken and define the final … [Read More...]

Learn To Tattoo With Matt Bennett

This is an excellent instructional Tattoo video tutorial which covers all the basics of tattooing, and the preparation of all the necessary equipment. Professional tattoo artist Matt Bennett also … [Read More...]

3D Chalk Drawing – Montage

In this video is a selection of some of the finest chalk drawings around the globe. The artist spends hours and hours mapping out the dimensions on the floor to be seen from one specific viewpoint. He … [Read More...]

Irv Rudley: Dual Portraits

This video is a step by step guide on how to paint the perfect portrait. Here Irv, creates a Dual portrait and uses some very clever ideas to capture a picture with an interesting mix to it. Irv … [Read More...]

Tips On Photographing Your Artwork

This video has been produced by a well recognised artist who has experienced all of the issues that the amateur artist faces when attempting to upload images of artwork to the internet. Many people … [Read More...]

How To Make A Paper Mache Elephant

This is a fun little art tutorial where you can learn how to make a full size baby Indian elephant from paper mache. The sculptor has her template for this design online which she refers to in the … [Read More...]

A Sunset In Pastels Tutorial

The methods listed in this tutorial are a great way to get started in pastel drawing. The tutor begins by saying you can take any element in either the foreground or background and still be able to … [Read More...]

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