The Secret Of Drawing – All In The Mind Documentary

Drawing, Newly Added | 22 Aug, 2017

An in depth documentary about the art of drawing.  A truly superb insight into how artists actually draw pictures.  There is lots of information about the techniques that are used. It is said that there is a connection with the unconscious mind that takes over and transfers information from mind to paper.   A Highly recommended watch from me.

If you have always wondered how the mind of an artists works then this is the film for you.  It certainly gave me a massive insight into the workmanship of an artist.

Many artists actually think in pictures and this is their way of communicating to the world.  Some artists are quite graphic with their work and what you will find is that the artist is actually allowing us to see into their mind.  They show us what they like and dislike and also give us information about themselves that they would probably not speak about.

Within the documentary we see how art has become a therapy for some people, especially people with autism.  Although they may not be artists outright, the way that they draw is very fascinating.  Some individuals will use words when drawing.  This gives us an understanding about what the individual is thinking and what they like.  Many people with autism or learning disabilities cannot talk.  Art is a way for them to express this.

Another area is depression.  One artist drew very deep and some times disturbing pictures.  This was their illness that they were showing to the world on paper.  Depression is very complex and hard to explain to people who have never suffered from it. By drawing the pictures we get to see the fears and hurt that people feel on the inside.

One thing that is certain is that no matter how you draw it will always survive.

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