Chinese Paper Cutting

Newly Added | 24 Jul, 2017

Paper cutting is an old traditional folk art, that until recently has caught the eye and imagination of people all around the world. Chinese paper cutting is a tradition that is handed down from one generation to the next generation. It is passed on through the females of the families. The paper cuttings celebrate important events in peoples life’s. When a baby is born, a good crafts women is sought and she creates a picture for the family, which will show the baby as a gift to the parents, again when a child reaches twelve years old the family and friends are invited to celebrate this. The grandmother on the mothers side makes a paper cutting which will hang on the centre wall of the house and it will represent longevity. The grandmother then reads the following poem.

Nine pomegrantes
One Buddha hand
Stay by your mothers side and never leave
Carry a goldfish on your head and hug a lucky bunny in your arms
You will live to be 99 years old

The paper cutting and poem are to show and convey the grandmothers deepest love for the child. Further cuttings are made for marriages and birthdays.

The cuttings are made and shared with parents, grandparents, children and friends. They carve out peoples dreams, hopes and give blessings. A very interesting insight into not only the chinese art, but a way of life that shows thoughtfulness, love and unity for all to share.

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