Spiritual Artists With Psychic Abilities

Art Blog, Drawing, Painting | 19 May, 2015

A look into how some artists have extra sensory gifts and are able to draw portraits of loved ones, friends or neighbors who have now passed over into the spirit world.

First of all let me give you an explanation of what a psychic artist is.

A psychic artist is a person who is able to channel information.† Ordinarily a medium may receive information in spoken word or be given a picture.† However a psychic artist is also given a picture and then transfers this information from mind to canvas. The artist has never met the person before that they draw and has no prior knowledge of this person.

When you sit down and talk to a medium they are just like you and I.† Ordinary people who go to work, go on holiday and live their life’s like anyone else.† They are not strange at all.† They may talk to you and make you relax, as sometimes we can be a bit nervous. There is nothing to worry about and nothing bad will happen.

Sometimes the artist may draw a picture of a loved one.† The information comes through and as they are drawing they will describe to you the person and what they are drawing.† When they have finished they will show you and you may be able to recognize the person straight away.† Other times, the picture of the person maybe when they were much younger.† This is because when we die, we can choose to look the way that we want to.† If someone close died of an illness or had an accident, they may decide to show themselves, before this happened and also, maybe when they were in their teens. This is because we hold special memories of times in our life that we found exciting and that made us truly happy, so it would make sense that you would like to be seen like that again.

Other times the artist may draw a picture of your spirit guide.† This is a person who is with you from the moment that you were born.† They stay with you until you die.† A guide is a person that you have met in a past life and have shared a past life with.† It could be a friend, your husband, a child.† When they died they agreed that they would look after you and help guide you on your spiritual path.† We do of course have other guides than come into our life’s, but they only stay for a short time and then leave.† Your birth guide never leaves you.

If you haven’t heard of these type of artists before then let me introduce to you Coral Polge:

Coral Polge


Born in Britain, Coral was a world renowned psychic artist who drew astoundingly accurate artwork of spirit and travelled the world sharing her gift. Coral learned of her exceptional talent when she was advised by a medium of her rare capability. Some time later, just after the second world war, she realized that the advice she had been given was true.

Audiences around the world were astonished and profoundly touched by Coralís work. Automatic spirit controls would take control of Coralís hand to guide her with accuracy and astounding results. Her portraits were renowned for their exceptional similarity with photographs of people that had passed to spirit and provided extremely strong evidence of life after death. During her lifetime, Coral drew over 100,000 spirit portraits and made an enormous contribution to spiritualism. Along with many other great mediums, such as Gordon Higginson, Coral proved that one day, when the time is right, we are reunited in spirit with our loved ones.

The son of Mrs Bayles of Rhodesia(S.Africa), who died while having an operation to correct his broken nose, which is shown in the psychic portrait as being in slightly better shape in his Spirit Body. This drawing was done as a ‘postal reading’, and the lad’s character is clearly captured.

A really fascinating look into a different side of art and how it has helped many people.

As for believing it, I will let you all make your own minds up.

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