So you want to be an Artist! YES YOU CAN!

Acrylics, Newly Added, Oils, Painting | 22 Sep, 2017

Internationally collected Artist Skye Taylor offers one on one straight from the heart encouragement for the beginning or seasoned artist with “Painters block”! Learn how to create your own space and become the best Artist you can be.

From time to time we all need a little encouragement and a little helping hand. Here Skye Taylor does just that. He tells us all about his life and how old he was when he first started painting. He goes through the whole process with us. One of the things that you will notice about him is when he talks he appears very genuine and he is someone that you can actually listen to, take in all the info he has given you and put it into practice. He is like a friend when he talks, someone that wants to help you. Many art tutorials say all the right things, but it doesn’t really hit the spot. Skye however, gets to the very heart of the matter and gives us his all and years of experience.

He teaches us that it is okay to be ourselves and to create what we want. He also explains that sometimes it is fear that gets in the way of our creations. Whether it is a fear to just go ahead and create what we want, or fear that what we create is not successful and we feel a failure. I think the key message is to be comfortable with who you are and do your own thing. If things are forced, the results are not the same. Also try and get into a happy place. Play music or try and set time aside and relax. Don’t rush from one job and then to the next. If you are not feeling in the zone don’t paint until you do. Never worry if you go blank and can’t think of things, go away and come back another day. If you make mistakes who cares, you can always paint over them and start again.

So you see you really can’t go wrong and all the help and advise you need is right here in this great advice tutorial.
Don’t give up and keep creating.

For more information on skye and his work visit

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