Snow Leopard Time Lapse

Drawing, Newly Added, Pencil | 14 Aug, 2017

A very beautiful drawing of a traditional graphite drawing of the endangered Panthera uncia (Snow Leopard)

Here the artist draws the most amazing picture. From the very start as the picture starts to emerge it, grabs your attention, because it is so life like. The video has been sped up, but the whole thing from start to finish took 17 hours to draw.

The materials are quite simply just graphite pencils, along with rubbers and blenders for shading.

The artist however only started to film this after she had started drawing it, so a lesson for everyone, preparation and forward thinking. Ensure that if filming is something you have in mind that you make sure you factor this in. Having said this though, the drawing and finished product is truly breath taking.

Snow leopards are such a beautiful animal. We have so many on this planet, but the sad thing is that this animal is slowly disappearing and has now become an endangered animal. Once its gone, its gone and can never be re-produced again. So lets, keep it.

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