Snapshots: The Collage Painting

A look into the classroom of a group of art students who have been studying at the university of michigan school of art and design.

The course is, organising visual space, and the final assignment is to create a large abstract painting and to begin with they have to do a magazine collage.

Their teacher Professor Jim Cogswell talks about the final painting, the collage painting and the process it takes to produce this.  He talks about ideas for pictures and where they come from, He states that when you are going to do a painting, that you don’t already have an idea of what you will paint, but instead you start by taking your first steps and then reacting to what you have done and then adding to it, and so on and so on.

The next part looks at the students and they explain individually how they came up with their ideas. Some students used magazine cuttings and another student drew all of her shapes for her collage.

Professor Jim Cogswell then talks about a painting and what is created within it.  He gives the scenario of a painting being like a novel, you have set out with all your ideas being in a certain way and then something changes, and you introduce a different idea, colour in this instance as the girl in the video has introduced a lot of green into her collage.  He says its like
introducing a new character and you somehow have to make this fit.

For the final part a student talks about creating a collage and how it is something that you can make a start on then comeback to it, which then provides you with more ideas and thinking space.

A good point made at the end by the teacher is that good paintings come from others and that often your best pieces are ones that you cannot explain visually or perhaps where the inspiration came from. Its not always about creating a masterpiece, but instead developing your ideas and have a good understanding of visualisation.

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