Profile Sketch Of A Portrait Profile In Charcoal

This is a sketching video submitted to me by a user of In this video you can see the progression of a sketch from start to finish via time lapsing techniques.

Drawing or sketching the female head can be a very difficult task when you consider the delicate features you are trying to draw compared to that of a male’s head where the lines are often more angular. What this art demonstration shows is the different elements of light line work involved in the initial stages of the charcoal drawing and the use of tonal values and shading to accentuate the areas where shadows are cast from the light source.

Using thick outlines the artist begins to draw out the shape of the head and immediately goes in with heavy block shading using the compressed charcoal stick to bring body to the drawing. Working down the page the nose eyes and mouth are all carefully drawn in and light tonal values are added to the fleshy delicate areas of the face. The shaded back ground is placed in to effectively create the negative space which forms these features and bring the three dimensional aspect of the drawing together. Through the use of a few different sized blending stumps the artist smudges the charcoal in various areas of the face allowing a gentle transition from light to dark.

This art demonstration is only short but picks out all the fundamental stages which allow you to sketch the female profile to a more advanced level. There is no time like the present to start learning to draw so buy yourself some charcoals and paper and begin learning to sketch. If you have found this art video useful then please kindly leave a comment below.

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