Peter Dranitsin: Abstract Acrylic Art Titled ‘Invisible Line’

Abstract artist Peter Dranitsin allows you to watch one of his paintings from beginning to end in this full length art tutorial. He endeavours to show you the utensils and techniques he uses to create his canvas based interior paintings.

Throughout the video it becomes clear that Dranitsin works in a select pattern by which he applies paint, sponges it to blend the colors and then re applies different colors but all in a structured and thought out way which will lead to his envisaged final composition. He begins with applying textural amounts of white acrylic paint with a large spatula before proceeding to add warm and cold colors which he uses as ‘lines of definition’. It really is a great video to learn from and you could easily have a go yourself, so why not?

The tools and paints he uses are as follows: Medium brushes, Liquitex acrylic paint, Various spatulas, sponge palette knife and pre stretched canvas.

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