Peacock Stitching

Advanced, Experts, Newly Added, Textiles | 09 Sep, 2013

A quick intro into stitching on paper a peacock design.

Embroidery on paper is the craft of sewing designs on to paper or thin card. It is an excellent way of making greetings cards, bookmarks and table decorations.

There are patterns available that enable you to produce beautiful results even if you are a beginner. All you need are blank cards, thread, a sewing needle, a pricking pin and a pricking mat. All can be bought from a craft shop. Once you have drawn out your picture and pricked out the pattern, you can then start to sew your image.

In 1998 an English craft company called Card Inspirations launched some stitching cards under the trade name of Form-A-Lines. The first Form-A-Lines stitching cards were designed by Anne Harding and Linda Jefferson. David Jefferson then used a standard computer drawing program to convert their cards into the patterns for the first two Form-A-Lines kits. The kits proved very popular and more designs soon followed.

Music is Mika’s Song by Yiruma

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