Painting Acrylic Landscapes Without Paintbrushes

Here is something different for you to try. Create a picture using the following materials to create a painting that looks realistic but without using any brushes at all.

Part of being an artist is learning sometimes to think outside the box. This great tutorial shows us just that. You don’t have to spend lots of money on expensive brushes or paints. This is all about looking around you and thinking about what items you have that you could use to paint with. It is a good exercise and gets your creative juices flowing.

You will need:

Tissue paper/cut paper

Rubber cement

A variety of sponges

scrap pieces of mat board

A palette knife

An old toothbrush

Q tips

Acrylic or Tempera paint

Paper Clips or Toothpicks.

When sourcing your materials and paints, think about the colours in the picture and which ones you will need.

The tutorial is easy to follow and has step by step instructions on the screen, so you won’t get confused or lost.

You may have an art project to complete based around this or simply just want to try something new. Either way the results will be astounding and I think it is fair to say you will be creating many more after your first attempt

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