My Dreams Of Being An Artist Came True – Valentina Trevino

Drawing, Newly Added, Painting | 06 Aug, 2017

Valentina Trevino shares with us her story of how she came to be an artist in the true sense. How art was her main passion in life, and what she did to try and turn her dream into a reality. She shows us how being brave and taking the plunge is a must and not to hold back on our desires. She hit an all time low, and then out of nowhere, came an idea and way forward that changed her life forever.

I think the main factors that stand out for me when watching this is that she is true to herself. When she first had the idea of perhaps making a video, she knew that it would need to be a little different to some of the other videos on youtube. Valentina had never heard of youtube before, and so she was taking the traditional route of creating her work and then working hard to try and find a way to promote and sell it through galleries or word of mouth, just like many of you have done or are doing.

When creating her video she wanted to show the world the real Valentino. It’s all well and good producing and delivering a perfect word for word art tutorial, but is it a real representation of real life, or does it perhaps come across as a rehearsed piece, similar to someone reading a script for a play or film. I think perhaps the latter would be true.

When producing a video you want to engage your audience and also show the good days and the bad days. The happy smiling face and the not so happy face. The times when we get a bit cross and angry and frustration kicks in. These are all real emotions and what people want to see is how an everyday down to earth person made their dream come true, but was brave enough to show the world the trials and tribulations that went with it. We will never learn anything, whether it is about art or life if everything is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong or appears to go wrong.

So just how popular has she become? Well, she made a pact with herself that every Sunday she would post a video on youtube. She was totally amazed by the amount of people viewing it, that she made it a regular thing. She also at the end of every video, showed everyone where they could buy her paintings. She choose Ebay to do this and her own website it has proved to be very successful. To date she has a total of 8.2 million views on YouTube and a whole load of buyers on Ebay.

It just goes to show, that there are people out there that like your work. They love looking at your creations and also getting to know you as a person. The only reason they can do this is because you have freely showed the world what you have to give inside and out.

Why not give it a go yourself and see how you get on. Be brave and take the plunge also like Valentino and when you have a few videos come and share them with us all on ArtisanHQ, as you will all be more than welcome. Live your dreams and share with others.

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