Melting Crayons With Stove Top Art

This is a very fun art tutorial where you can create your own unique wax work picture using just some crayons of various colors, a lighter and a paint brush.

In this video tutorial you can learn how to use a stove to melt your wax crayons onto card to create a truly individual fun design which is safe and easy to do. The artist in this video uses a knife to shave down the crayons into small piles of shavings which he then uses to lay over the card in a design which is completely random. The wax crayons he uses are a mixture of both dark and light and provide a nice contrast throughout the composition.

Because the wax crayon shavings are so fine they become much easier to melt once the card is laid on top of the hot stove. You can also use the same technique of melting the wax on the card by placing a wax resistant sheet on top of the wax and applying an iron to heat the wax through the sheet. As with wax it doesn’t take too long to dry and the pattern is quickly formed. If you are unhappy with your design once the wax has hardened from drying then you can simply place it back on the stove and manipulate the wax with some kind of implement like a palette knife or a brush. For the best results though you should aim to put the wax shavings roughly where you would like them before the heat is applied.

The artist in this tutorial is very happy with his finished result but decides to add to it by painting directly over the top using acrylic paint. He draws a bird using similar and complimentary colors which tie in beautifully with the wax background. Have a play around and enjoy your creation and see what you can come up with. Please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of the page or even some designs which you have created yourself inspired by this video.

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