Matthew Archambault: Drawing Edges With Tone

In this drawing tutorial pencil sketch artist Matthew Archambault gives a master class on how to finish off your drawings with soft edges to give a definition between foreground focal points and the background subject matter.

You will learn how to determine which lines should be kept as hard pencil lines and which should be made to become soft so with this in mind he takes hs subject which happens to be a young female from a previous drawing tutorial and begins to slowly apply long but faint vertical pencil strokes just to the outside of her garment. By doing this he is merging the white background void with the actual garment but only very loosely, this gives the impression of perspective and ascertains distance and volumes within the sketch. By blending the garment into the ‘atmosphere’ you are creating an illusion as well as promoting a hard edge which in the case of this tutorial is the chin and jaw line of the young model so again this brings the import and detailed features to your attention as the main focal point.

You can create motion with your background tones which when you are faced with a somewhat static portrait it can become very important to produce movement to give another artistic feature to the drawing. Archambault delivers excellent narrative throughout and is extremely easy to follow so why not get you kit and follow his advice to start producing som e beautiful portraiture of your own.

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