Mark Crilley: How To Draw Wavy Hair On Your Manga Character

In this drawing tutorial, manga creator and artist Mark Crilley demonstrates how to draw curly or wavy hair on a female.

Many people struggle with the concept of how to draw curly hair but with Mark’s easy to follow step by step approach using only his pen and a pencil it won’t be too long until you are drawing luscious curly locks on your characters. Although Mark Crilley does specialise in Manga and anime characters that’s not to say that many of the ideas, tips and techniques used in this video cannot be taken to realistic drawings of both the male and the female head with regards to drawing wavy hair.

Like in many of Mark Crilley’s longer videos he begins with aspects of the characters already pre drawn which allows him as an artist to get straight into the topic with which he wishes to draw. In this case it’s to show you the methods he uses to draw curly or wavy hair. If you are a beginner wishing to draw anime and use your pencil/pen in a more controlled way then by following this drawing tutorial by Mark Crilley or any of the other ones featured on ArtisanHQ then this is the place to start. Have fun and enjoy your art work making sure you take your time.

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