Mark Crilley: Adding Watercolor To Your Pen And Ink Drawings (Manga Too)

By pre drawing a futuristic two point perspective rendering in pen and pencil, allowing him to concentrate his efforts on presenting a watercolor wash art tutorial which highlights the keys areas you need to know to further your artistic skills in the manga arena.

By using a variety of paint brushes and some sienna watercolors amongst other brown and yellow paints like ochre Mark Crilley highlights which areas need to be shaded to create more of a shadowed area as opposed to the areas which are cast in light by an imaginary light source.

The pen which has been used previously to draw out the futuristic perspective landscape are bleed proof and water resistant so it is no problem for the watercolor paints to be laid directly over the top of this. The method of using watercolors within your manga drawings and creations is at times a very quick technique to add quick amounts of color to your drawing and create instant improvements.

With this video it is a landscape rendering and can be a much quicker example of watercolor rendering within anime/manga compositions. It is when you start to watercolor render your characters that the intricacies involved with watercolors can become much more technical. You will be using more colors and at times more brushes than is used in the likes of this video tutorial.

This drawing/painting tutorial is ideal for manga fans everywhere and is professionally edited and adapted to help the novice artist with their art abilities. Be sure to use the social buttons on the side and spread the word in order to help others benefit.

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