Making Glittered Heart Crayons

Turn those old broken crayons that you or your kids have into a fun heart shape crayon that everyone will love to use.

Instead of tidying up and throwing away all those little pieces of broken crayons, re-use them and make them into something new. Here in this tutorial you will be shown how to create some fun heart shaped crayons by just using some simple steps.

You will need:

1. A mould

2. Lots of old broken crayons and remove all the paper

3. Glitter

4. Cocktail sticks

5. A microwave

6. Gloves, like oven gloves.

7. A cooling tray.

8 Some sheets of paper

9. Some kids and adults to test your product.

First you will need a mould. An ice cube mould that is flexible and made of rubber is excellent as the end product is easy to pop out. You can buy these from many stores. I wouldn’t spend lots of money on them, so look around your cheap bargain stores or even places like ikea have some fab ones.

Then break up the crayons into smaller pieces and place in the mould.

Pop the mould and crayons in the microwave. Start by setting the microwave for a minute at a time.

Use your cocktail sticks also to swish the melting crayons around so that there are no big pieces left.

Carefully remove from microwave, with some gloves, like oven gloves.

Place on a cooling tray

Add some glitter and use the cocktail sticks again to swish it round

Allow to cool until hard

Pop out onto paper

Next shout the kids and adults to come and test them.

You could of course use other shapes, like pears or apples to add a different twist. The choice is all yours.

Have Fun!

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