Living Prayer (Your Prayer Painting)

A Prayer Painting created on top of over 40 heartfelt prayers, submitted in the Prayer Box at Hali Karla Studios.

In life when things happen that we despair of, it is often hard to know what to do.  The same is also felt for our friends and family and that when they are at a loss and need our help, sometimes the only thing in life that we can all do is pray.

This short tutorial shows us just how simple it is though art to create something that is meaningful, but also a personal piece that not only has come straight from the heart but is also charged with positive energy.

We can create these pictures for ourselves or for people that we know that are in current need of our love and support.

They are very simple to make and completely owned by yourself so everything that goes into it is 100% from you.

You can write messages of hope and love first and then after that stick on either selective prayers of your own or positive affirmations. Once you have done this you can then start to paint over this and create an image that best fits who you have created it for.  At the end after it is dried and finish you can then say a few words over it and either hang it in your own home, or give it to someone who will benefit from it.

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