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I dedicate this post to Ian Thomson who has just entered into the world of being an artist.

May your path from now on be a colourful one. One thats full of pictures and images that lift you and the spirit of others.  When anyone hears your name they will think of an artist who inspires others to reach for their dreams and grab it with both hands.

You inspired me and I will always be forever grateful.

Inspirational artist, Adebanji Alade  shares his thoughts and passions on his life and work as an artist.

Adebanji states that he has always loved to draw. From as far back as he can remember he has always  had a fascination with images and colours.

He picked up a pencil when he was a young child and he hasn’t stopped since. He is an artist and a Christian and his faith plays a role in his artwork. He loves people as they form the basis of his art.

I found this video to be very uplifting and a great example that shows that this young man through his passion for his work has succeeded. It was not an easy path, and he did veer away from art, but he came back to it.   The message that comes across here is through being observant of his surroundings and the people around him he was able to learn the skills that he has today.  He used old football magazines as his guide when just starting to draw.  Having a good tutor or tutors is vital.  Having someone with whom we can bond with and allow the teacher to help and aid us.  Teaching and learning go together hand in hand.  If we are willing to put the work in the help that you will receive will match this. Everyday, he gets his notebook out and draws.  He states that the only way to learn is to sketch, sketch, sketch and draw, draw, draw. Practice is everything.

A very talented young man and a good example of what you can achieve in life

In his own words Adebanji provides this quote that helps us pull through when things seem impossible.

“There comes a time in your life that you just believe anything is possible! You link up with The Spirit and you defeat that ego which keeps telling you, “you can’t”. You defy the odds and deliver the goods! The future can only be bright to the artist that thinks of possibility!!!”-Adebanji Alade

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