Learning To Sponge Paint In Multiple Colors

One of the most popular forms of interior decorative painting is ‘faux painting’. Year after year more and more people are becoming inspired to create their own artworks for their interiors, creating a beautiful personalised living environment tailor made to their tastes. This video tutorial offers great insight and painting techniques delivered by a professional interior artist and is a great way to start filling out your inspirational needs for your own home.

Faux finishing comes in many forms but the most commonly referred to are sponging and ragging and this online art tutorial highlights these areas. You will learn to achieve fast and elegant finishes using the sponging methods and system and it is also the best way to create interior art without breaking your bank balance.

There are many types of textured finishes and glazes available to you on the open market but the costs for these materials can soon escalate so by using the multi-color sponging system you will save your money and be able to apply literally any design you desire.

Using a triple S faux system palette you can achieve up to 50 square feet of coloring on your interior walls without reloading the sponge. This save you lots of time and energy walking up and down a ladder if you are working in high areas. You load the palette with your preferred glazes and you will also have a base coat which provides a great undertone on your walls. With this palette you get the exact texture of your sponge and don’t over saturate the wall. This is a great system and makes your family home beautifully accustomed to your needs.

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