A Collection of Japanese Gift Wrapping Ideas

Artist Shiho Masuda shows you how to gift wrap a present with a Japanese touch. There are six videos here to watch. Wrap a present in a shirt style, something to wrap a wine bottle in, Zig Zag book cover, Kitchen gift wrapped ideas, A spring time cherry blossom and a Peacock style fan.

So turn your wrapped presents into a eye catching piece of art. An interesting concept and something that we can all try at home.

Lets just hope the gift inside is as exciting as the packaging.

Shiho Masuda is a Wrapping and space designer. After working at Kate’s Paperie as a gift-wrapping artist, she started her own business as a wrapping and interior design creator and consultant. Her philosophy is to make the most of both Japanese and Western cultures and establish an original style. Currently she advocates “ecology-wrapping,” the use of recycled materials. She also teaches gift-wrapping by appointment.

Simple Creativity

Since the concept of Japanese wrapping is quite different from that of the West, just a simple change can make your gift look very unique. To begin with, it might be good for you to know how Japanese wrapping differs from Western style wrapping. “While Western style wrapping tries to fill as much space as possible and make the package look gorgeous, Japanese wrapping uses empty space as part of the design and keeps everything simple,” says Ms. Shiho Masuda, visual designer specializing in wrapping and display/space design. Minimalism is the key to Japanese wrapping. In Western style, the edge of wrapping paper is usually tucked into the bottom and covered by ribbons, decorations or tissue paper, but in Japanese style, the edge of the wrapping paper or cloth is considered a part of the decoration and people try to make the most of it by creating pleats or frills.

If you get confused about where to start and which materials you should use, take Ms. Masuda’s advice. “Think about the receiver’s personality first. If you keep this in mind for choosing materials and deciding on designs, you’ll be successful,” she says.

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