James Mylne – Recreates Girl with a Pearl Earring (Ballpoint Pen)

Now if James Mylne asked if he could borrow your pen, you may be mistaken and think that he will be writing a note, or taking a number down, but how very far from the truth would you be?  In fact, since 1996 James has been drawing such beauties as Audrey Hepburn with just a ballpoint pen. The image and texture that he achieves leaves the viewer unable to believe that this fine piece of art has been produced from just a ordinary bic pen.

Since their invention and subsequent proliferation in the mid-20th Century, ballpoint pens have proven to be a versatile art medium for professional artists as well as amateur doodlers. Ballpoint pen artwork created over the years have been described as comparable to art created using traditional art mediums. Low cost, availability, and portability. convenient, alternative art supply. Ballpoint pen enthusiasts find the pens particularly handy for quick sketch work.

James Mylne attended foundation courses at Chealsea Art College, London, in 2002.  Upon completion of formal studies, he launched  a website dedicated to disseminating information of ballpoint pens as an alternative art medium. He continues to run a blog with the same purposes.

Solo exhibitions of James Mylne’s photo-realistic ballpoint drawings began in 2001. James began to replicate iconic photos of entertainers and artists from Britain and America.These intricate works are created using mostly black ballpoint pens, and are so finely inked that they are often mistaken as photo prints.Flat fields of color are sometimes stenciled behind the figures using spray paint.

The female form appears frequently in the artist’s work.Other photorealistic subject matter includes wildlife (pictured above) and urban landscapes.

Kate Moss visage has appeared prominently in James Mylne’s artwork. Two of the artist’s photorealistic ballpoint likenesses of Kate were chosen as art magazine covers, the first in 2009 and again in 2012, which also featured an interview with Mylne. One of these Kate Moss drawings reportedly required six weeks to complete.

BiC® Cristal® http://www.challengebic.co.uk unveils the results of a challenge to artist James Mylne, to recreate a well known masterpiece using just one BiC® Cristal® pen. The reproduction of The Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer, took artist James approx 90 hours to complete, but thanks to its long writing length and oil based ink, just a single pen was needed to finish the work.

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