Introduction to Illustration

Alison Woodward takes you through each step of how to produce a great illustration picture.

A short but very clear lesson on how to get started on producing an illustration. Alison talks us through the process. she starts out by drawing the picture first. Once we are happy with the picture we can then move on to line work. She uses a windsor newton series 7 double round brush and Koh I Noor drawing ink to draw around the lines of the drawing. The next stage is to add a grey wash and to add in your light and darks in your picture. She uses a black drying ink. To create the lighter shades she adds more water. The paper that is used is called “finest water colour paper.” It picks up the ink well and doesn’t smudge. Accent colours are then added. She uses yellow and red water colours. To finish off and highlight some aspects of the picture, she uses a white Gouache paint.

For many years the one thing that has made all our books, comics and magazines stand out are all the pictures that have been created to accompany the story they are telling. The stories have become so much more interesting, as we are able to connect with the characters much better as we can see them. As parents we spend hours reading books to our children that have been put together to help them learn. A big favorite all around is the “Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. This book with its illustrations is loved by children and adults.

The cartoons that we love to watch, all started out as an idea, that was then put onto paper and then became alive and appeared on our TV. The film industry has taken off big time and great illustrators are highly sought after

Today Illustration has become very popular and has now been finally recognized as indeed an art.

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