How To Paint Reflections And Puddles In Watercolors

Watercolour artist Bob Davies from delivers a fine watercolour tutorial here which sets to guide the aspiring watercolour artist how to paint reflections and puddles in watercolour  paints.

This tutorial is clearly delivered and is a very useful guide for the beginner artist who is not quite confident enough to paint what many people consider to be one of the more difficult subjects in landscape painting – water and reflections.

In this watercolour tutorial Bob Davies uses,

  • Bockingford 140lb rough paper
  • Pthalo blue watercolour paint
  • Lemon yellow watercolour paint
  • Burnt umber watercolour paint
  • No.s 6&8 round watercolour brushes
  • 1/2 inch flat brush
Bob Davies teaches you how to effectively use light and dark using his round and flat brushes to paint the holes and divots left by the tractor wheels. Within these holes is water left from a heavy rainfall so painting them in such a way to engage a sense of depth and volume is what is taught here by the artist. Davies’ brush strokes are varied and essential to the effect he is aiming to achieve but with his soft teaching style it soon becomes apparent why he is easy to learn from.
By using just a few basic colours and some imagination (alongside working from a reference photo) Davies applies a few loose washes so not to over complicate the watercolour painting and explains how to use the brush to paint ‘haphazard’ lines to mimic the organic nature of the puddles left by the tractor. With just a little practice and carefully following these steps it would only be a matter of time before you will be producing great watercolour paintings which possess masterful techniques and very convincing water reflections.
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    1. Out of all the youtube artists I’ve seen, I like your videos the most. You explain things in a kind, methodical and consise way. The images in the video are clear enough for me to see what you are doing. The pictures you paint are beautiful, traditional, English countryside scenes, without being so complicated that its out of reach.

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