How To Paint A Wolf

From this online art tutorial you will discover a great watercolor lesson on how to paint a wolf with professional artist and wolf lover Jody Bergsma.

She introduces the watercolor paints she normally uses and they are yellow, sepia, burnt sienna, serellium blue and cobalt blue. Jody Bergsma works from a reference photo which she took at some point but also mentions that it is important and extremely handy to have a collection of other reference photos or drawings as they hold many colors, shades and textures ready for quick referencing. She lays out her palette in a rainbow sequence going from light to dark but also has her reference photo next to the palette as a visual aid to premix her watercolors and appoint them to specific areas of the photo.

She mixes the mineral blues with the sepia to form complimentary shadow tones which will be uses a lot when painting the wolf. The sepia and the sienna are mixed to create a terrific brown which will act as a primary shade for some of the areas of fur. A perspex palette and a medium flat brush is used to mix ready for the painting. She specifies how you should keep your washes separated as there will be a tendency to run. The mineral paints will not bleed so when you get to the stage of shadowing it will be much easier than the initial wash stage and will also be a turned point where more interest is brought to your painting with a more three dimensional and life-like appearance. Throughout the several stages of the painting Bergsma gives hints and tips offering valuable information needed to paint your wolf to your best ability. There are mentions of glazing techniques and knowing how to control your glaze lines as well as offering drying times. Shadowing and highlights are also important stages  in this painting so with your watercolor brush go careful with over applying the paynes gray which is heavily used throughout the tutorial. This art video is not only an excellent video to learn to paint from, but also offers small historical snippets of the wolf’s heritage throughout. This is an ideal video for beginner artists looking to learn more about watercolor and animal drawing.

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