How To Make An Easy Art Journal

In this art tutorial you will need some clips, a button, scissors, card, needle, fabric of your choice, cutters and some string to create a journal to document all your artistic ideas. This is the most arty way to bring your ideas to life as you are making this yourself which I guess is art in itself.

With approximately 10 sheets of card you must fond them altogether in half using something like a spoon or the edge of a marker pen to iron out the fold you have just created. This will keep the sheets of card uniform and together nicely. The fabric needs to be cut to the same dimensions as the sheets of card but must have an extra 2-3 inches left on one edge to fold back into the front of your journal.

Turn the card over so you have the spine facing upwards and mark a dot in the center and 1 inch in from each edge using a ruler and a pencil. Put this card back onto the fabric, making sure you line the edges up and proceed to place the same marks on the fabric. With all your card neatly aligned poke holes through the three marks you have made using something like pin. Repeat this process with the fabric.

Poke the string through the middle hole of the fabric making sure you leave at least a foot of string hanging on the outside. Watch on the video the pattern which the presenter follows and it will only be a few minutes before both your card and fabric are bound together and the journal is beginning to take shape.

The next stage is applying the button to the fold over which will essentially seal your art journal together and look the part. So once again watch the process the artist takes to ensure the correct placement of the button and within minutes you will have a 40 page art journal. An art journal is something every artist should have as it allows you keep all your personal thoughts and ideas in one easily accessible place. It is from journals and diaries where great masterpieces are created so be sure to create one personal to you.

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