How To Draw Trees In Reflecting Water For Beginners And Intermediates

This online art tutorial shows you how you can draw using colored chalk pastels a very effective landscape with trees reflecting in the water.

To begin with, the artist has pre-drawn his landscape to include the basic outlines of three conifer type trees, some shrubbery and the area where the landscape meets the water’s edge. With a blue chalk pastel held at and applied at a 45 degree angle, the artist covers the entire sky area using short 1-2 inch marks before then using his finger to gently blend the chalk together to give a soft and much more realistic sky.

Unfortunately, not all skies are a perfect blue color so it is with this in mind that he must now introduce a white chalk to the base of the skyline and a darker blue to the top to imitate how the sky would look in nature. He uses exactly the same technique when applying these new colors and simply blends them in by eye to test his artistic abilities. You will agree that even in such a short amount of time using the chalks that it is already a very concise drawing of the sky.

It is extremely difficult to draw grass with complete precision so the tendency for most artists is to draw the ‘impression’ of grass rather than take on blade by blade individually. In this particular tutorial the artist has smudged the grass region of the picture using a very similar technique to that used for the sky. Just three chalks were used for this area of grass, a dark green, light green and a yellow to pick out highlights residing on the grass’s horizon line. Use your finger to smudge accordingly once again for this stage in the drawing.

Drawing the trees with chalk is a slightly different procedure. As the chalk lines are applied they actually serve a purpose in imitating the branches. So working from the centre of the tree outwards, slowly and as accurately as possible begin to fill each of the trees which were drawn at the start. Follow the techniques used by the artist and practice to become much better at layering the chalk and achieving better tones and highlights within your trees.

And to finish with is the lake containing the reflections of the landscape you have just drawn. This stage is once again done using the techniques already demonstrated earlier in the video so by this stage you should be slightly more confident with the colored pastels to create a really nice lake. Take your time and most importantly have fun whilst your drawing. This art tutorial is geared more towards the beginner artist who is taking their first steps into chalk pastel drawing and landscape artwork.

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    1. Thank you for your tutorial, it has been really helpful as I am starting my journey into chalk pastels. Can I you tell us what chalk pastel set you are using? I’d like to duplicate the colors of your tutorials if possible without having to buy individual colors. Thanks!

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    2. Yes, always! I just love pastel. It’s like nothing between me and the paper except pastel colors. Put it on the paper, blend it like anything, rework at any point of time …. total freedom!! Thanks for subscribing and checking my drawings!!

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