How To Draw The Human Face

Beginner, Drawing, Intermediate, Pencil | 30 Oct, 2012

Drawing the human face can be extremely difficult when you are just starting out as an artist, sometimes it isn’t always the learner artists that struggle but also the more experienced.

What is the best way to learn how to draw the human face then? You could learn from a book if you find that manually reading through the individual steps is the best way for you. Or you could get taught first hand from an artist or by attending a drawing class (this can become expensive though). Or you could watch at your own pace with a well narrated art tutorial video such as this one which covers all the bases and provides you with all the essential tips and techniques to familiarise yourself with drawing the human head and face.

Prepared with only a black Prismacolor black pencil, drawing paper and experienced knowledge on art surrounding the human anatomy the artist featured in this video guides you through the different stages and reasons involved in drawing the face such as proportions between the different features and the use of guidelines to make the process of drawing much easier for you.

This is the main basis of this video but the artist from also touches upon some basic shading principles to help you develop some depth in your face as you perfect your proportions whilst you’re drawing. Basic cross hatch shading techniques can be a very quick way to develop tone and values within your drawings. I hope this video aids you in the way you tackle your future drawings and has been helpful to fulfil your artistic requirements.

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    1. shuttup the porportions r off ur hand is way better then his stupid hands look up a vid tht actually works! the eyes r wayyyyyy off the nose is too long and the lips r huge! look up a vid NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW oh well itz been 6 months so u should know commen scence knowing u were 2 months old when u posted tht! >:[

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    2. the “kid” is right tho tht the proportions r off…… i found this cause we were gonna learn from this in art and sooooo yea i looked and well yes i bet “the kid” can draw proportions since they knew that and well i guess “the kid” wanted to warn people about proportions being off on this video

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