How To Draw The Hand In A Pointing Uncle Sam Gesture

In this video a simple step by step guide has been provided to enable you to draw a hand in the famous “Uncle Sam’s Pose”

The video has been put together in a simple way and there are also three resources that have been provided to aid you with this along the way.

1. Demonstrating the process

2. Is a link to step by step directions on the artists own website

3. A printable PDF file with big pictures and text

If at any time you need to refer to your references on your PDF file, just pause the video at the end of each step.

Now we move on to the drawing itself and how to draw it

Step 1: Make three ovals that get slightly smaller (from top to bottom)

Step 2: Put in the three connected shapes that I just added. Notice the angle that the top and bottom lines create as they slope inward towards each other.

Step 3: Observe the picture (above) and put in the four lines. Notice the direction of each of their curves.

Step 4: Put in the shape for the pointer finger. The small banana shape that you see to the left is the fingernail. Do not close the top!

Step 5: Close the shape to create the knuckles.

Step 6: Put in the triangle shape above the pointer finger.

Step 7: Close the shape at the top by connecting the top of the banana shape with the top of the triangle. Notice the creases of skin on the foreshortened finger.

Step 8: Put in the shape that sort of looks like a birds head from the side.

Step 9: Make a kite shape below the beak of the bird head shape.

Step 10: Close the shape

Now its time to shade. You will need a q-tip or blending stump for this part. The pencils that have been used are 2B and 4B and for the shading an erasure has been used.

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