How To Draw The Face In Pencil – Female Face

In this online art video tutorial you will learn how to correctly draw the female head in pencil, picking up techniques already used by the demonstrating artist, to help you better your artistic abilities and draw to a more competent standard.

She begins by revealing to you a book which she learned from when she began learning to draw the human head and the book is called ‘The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head’. Every artist is different when it comes to learning the techniques needed to draw better, some like to use books whereas others like to learn either online or in person with a fellow artist. In the book the techniques are very traditional and demonstrate to you how to draw in a more realistic way instead of more stylised ways like anime, manga or maybe even cubist.

She works from a photo reference next to her paper and uses soft pencils to allow her to apply a soft outline for her initial pencil marks and guidelines. Drawing the proportions is the first step, and this is done by identifying the basic geometrics which make up the cranium and the facial structure. She focuses on the different planes of the head to place her features and once these are set happily in their correct positions it is then time to go in with the finer intricacies and features which really bring the face to life.

She emphasises that you should get your lines down loosely and roughly not being scared that they can’t be removed. the key is to not press down too hard on your pencil so that when it is erased it doesn’t leave an indent and corrupt the rest of your facial drawing. Study all of her methods whilst she is drawing and listen carefully to what the artist has to say because she is very clear and offers some fantastic advice to allow you to draw with less faults and less frustration. She adds a little of her artistic license to the end of her picture by introducing some paint to bring some color to the face.

Have fun and please leave your comments below.

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