How To Draw Curly Hair In Pencil/Pen On A Female

Beginner, Drawing, Intermediate, Pen, Pencil | 26 Oct, 2012

Drawing curly hair as apposed to straight hair can be a real problem for some people especially when they are just starting out as an artist or recreational sketcher. The problem with drawing curly hair is that at times the curls can be very uniform (in the style of ringlets) and so a basic structure takes place. With this structure requires repetition when you are drawing/sketching as opposed to a more organic not so repetitive style when drawing certain types of straight hair.

What this drawing tutorial sets out to gain is to help the beginner artist to feel comfortable with the idea of repetition when drawing certain subject matter like wavy/curly hair. The artist demonstrating this video begins by having pre drawn a young female’s head with no hair. He then draws the centre of the hair line  before continuing to draw two ribbons, one either side of the central hair line, which will bunch up the ringlets of the young girl.

The ringlets are drawn as a basic shape and repeated from the top to the bottom and it is only the size of each individual ringlet which actually changes (the smaller ones falling at the bottom of the hair as they would in actual life). The artist shades from the outside edges to the centre of each ringlet because it is the centre of the ringlets which will possess the sheen from the light source and in essence give off a natural highlight.

This drawing tutorial acts as  a great visual resource for the beginner artist looking to draw wavy hair and serves as a great basis from which to build on and develop their artistic flare.

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