How To Draw ‘Converse All Stars’ Sneakers In Pencil

Beginner, Drawing, Intermediate, Pencil | 04 Nov, 2012

So as one of the most popular choices of footwear in the last few decades it is no wonder that artists have learned how to draw the infamous Converse All Stars.

This video delivers exactly that from a young sketch artist showing you exactly how to draw these sneakers with style. Maybe you need to learn how to draw sneakers for a school project or maybe its just for a little bit of fun but whatever the reason be sure to check out this art video to offer you some valuable tips on how best to tackle the drawing techniques needed to sketch shoes.

The artist featured in this video chooses to use a gel ball ink pen to draw the Converse. The way he draws is very sketch-like with him using a very linear style which creates a very animated final design. this is a very handy video for the beginner artist or art hobbyist to learn from and enjoy.

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