How To Draw A Face On The Profile

Beginner, Drawing, Intermediate, Pencil | 22 Oct, 2012

In this video you are taught how to draw the face on the profile by the virtual instructor from

Starting from the shoulders the artist lightly sketches with his pencil the neck and the basic shape of the head. Once he is happy with his outline he explains how to draw the eyes and nose by deciding the height of both of these features and drawing a horizontal line across the profile of the head. Next up is defining the edge of the face by carefully deciphering the correct proportions and applying a darker line with the pencil to finalise the features of the nose, brow, lips and the chin. He spends extra time explaining how to draw the lips proportions correctly. The top lip in general for most people protrudes the bottom lip so take special care when attempting your drawing to understand this.

The next stage of the profile drawing is to line up the eyes with the ears and draw the ear in the middle of the head’s profile. It will be easy to tell if you have drawn the ear too far forward or too far back because it will quite simply look out of place with the rest of the features within the drawing.

Once the hair has been drawn and used to finalise the over profile of the head the artist begins to add shading and tonal values in the areas which are hidden from his selected hypothetical light source. This shading process continues throughout the remainder of the drawing using various thickness’s of pencil to shade in block areas and some slightly more discreet regions like around the cheekbones and the eyebrow.  If you are a beginner and wish to learn how to draw the human head more confidently then this is a great and well narrated art tutorial for you to practice from.

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