How To Create A Collage And Create A Theme For It

So what exactly is a collage? A collage is a series of shapes and/or textures brought together and attached to a different surface to help resemble or explain a mood, or is used as a preliminary stage to collaborate a group of shapes, colors and textures which will help generate a larger creation later down the line.

Collages are used in many different fields of design such as fashion and fine art to help the designer or student project a feeling or mood and act as a first hand visual aid to work from. These collages are often depicted as ‘mood boards’ as well due to their inherent abilities to capture certain individual tastes, styles and creative thoughts/tendencies.

In schools mood boards or collages are used frequently from the early years right up to college and beyond and act as a very unique way for teachers to understand their students thoughts as well as students to project their emotions and creative persona. So before you decide to embark on your collage you need to ask yourself a few questions. Why am I creating a collage? What do I need to create a collage? What are the restrictions to building or creating a collage? How large does it need to be?

I can tell you now that all these questions are largely irrelevant and it is the eventual outcome or intent which should be your sole focus when collaborating your ideas for a collage/mood board.

Via the means of cutting, gluing, dabbing and structuring, this video allows a basic insight into how you can select a theme for your collage and turn it into a plausible and fun representation of what you would like to portray. Not only does the video show you how to create the collage but it also offers guidance on how to find ideas for it and ‘create a theme’.

Using a few basic tools such as paint brushes, glue, cardboard and old magazine cuttings the presenter of this art tutorial  does a good job in showing you first hand how to make your collage and get you started. So whatever it is you are designing your collage for make sure you take on board some of the advice offered to you in this video and get started straight away creating your collage masterpiece…

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