Greta Garbo: My Life

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The life of an iconic figure Greta Garbo.  One of Hollywood’s most favourite female figures of our time in the world of film, fashion and art.

When we think about art, more often than not we think about what someone has painted, drawn or even made.  I believe that art is much more than this and that it appears in all walks of life.

I have chosen Garbo, as she is a good example of someone that emerged from nowhere.  When Garbo first appeared, she was not this good looking woman that we see in all the photos and films.  What makes her stand out is her striking facial features.  She has good bone structure and a face that is very photogenic.  Even when she is wearing no makeup at all, she still has this presence that makes everyone look and pay attention.

She was 14 when her father died, leaving the family destitute. Greta was forced to leave school and go to work in a department store. The store used her for her modeling abilities for newspaper ads. She had no film aspirations until she appeared in an advertising

A reclusive star, Garbo began her career in Europe before coming to the United States to work for MGM when she was 19.

The 19-year-old Garbo arrived in America in 1925. Her arrival had come quietly and from the start, she showed a reluctance to deal with the press or reveal anything about her private her life. During her first interview, she curtly told reporters, “I was born. I had a mother and father. I went to school. What does it matter?”

In so many ways Garbo represented a new kind of Hollywood actress, one whose vulnerabilities, sexuality, passion and mystery swirled together to entice both male and female audiences. Her style changed the course of American fashion, while her reclusiveness only fueled the public’s fascination with her.

She’s very strict with herself and hardly pleased with her work. She never looks rushed nor goes to the premières but some days later, early in the afternoon, enters all alone an outskirts movie house, takes place in a cheap seat and gets out only when the projection finishes, masked with her sunglasses”. She was a very personal woman and did not like lots of fuss and attention.

Although Garbo never really complained about anything, the directors knew when she was upset about something as she was often heard saying “I think I will go back to Sweden.”  A statement that made the directors take note as she was becoming one of Hollywood’s biggest icons and they were not taking any chances that she would slip through their fingers.

On the famous saying of hers, it is thought that she said “I want to be alone” but in fact she said “I want to be let alone “which has a completely different meaning.

She was a great actress and managed to somehow convince her audiences that the characters she played were real.  Her passion came across on film.  Those smoky eyes and a very sultry figure indeed.  I love the black and white films and photographs and posters.  There is something so very eye catching about them and they appear to stand out more and draw you in much more than any of the later colour photos.

You can see why women all over the world were having there hair done like Garbo and wore the same clothes that she did.  She was not only on our screens, but plays a massive part in the world of fashion.  She just appeared perfect in every way.  She had a face that you could photograph from every angle and still produce a perfect picture.  There are not many people who have faces like that.  I can name only two and they are Linda Evangelista a model and the popular burlesque artist Dita Von Teese.  Both women are very beautiful.

Garbo never married, had no children, and lived alone as an adult. She did have many relationships, but none that lasted very long.

Greta Garbo died on 15 April 1990, aged 84, in the hospital, as a result of pneumonia and renal failure. Her ashes were laid to rest in Stickholm

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