Gelli Printing Painting

Gelli printing enables you to for create an image or images by building layers of brushstrokes and textures. A quick and virtually mess free different approach to painting.

You can either plan what you want to create or just be spontaneous and see where your brush takes you. By building layers of brush strokes and textures you get to produce something that can be very eye catching and produced in a short time.

Sometimes with art we just want to let our hair down and have a bit of fun. This technique is the perfect way to do that.

To start off only apply a small amount of paint on your brush, the reason for this is that you don’t want big blobs of paint as they take longer to dry and may smudge more, try where possible to go for a clean line. Also the the left over paint will also add as a guide on the gel plate, so you will know where to add your layer of paint.

You may want to add different patterns. A cotton bud is a perfect thing to use, as it is small and you can control it. You can paint on your image and then use your bud, to create patterns, or even remove paint.

Each time you add your paint, ensure that when you cover it with your paper that you use your hand to spread across all of the paper. A good tip is to mark the centre of the paper at the top on the back with a pencil mark. This ensures that each time you remove the paper and replace it, it lines up correctly and that your image is never off centre.

If you want to add in some really bright and vibrant colours then ensure that you let each layer dry thoroughly before adding in the next, as it will ruin the effect.

Materials used were:


Golden Heavy Body Acrylics with Open Fluid Medium (Matte) added to them. The paints used in the background/negative space are Golden Open Acrylics.


The print in the video is on 11″x14″ Strathmore Bristol (vellum surface). the plate can be sourced from


The brushes used in the video are Princeton Catalyst Polytip Bristle Brushes.

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