Funny Food Art – How To Make An Egghead

Newly Added | 23 Sep, 2017

This short but humorous little videos show us all how we can brighten up our day with this funny little breakfast man.

As kids we were told to stop playing and messing about with our food and eat it.  This video is exactly the opposite to that.  More and more people and children are not eating breakfast or eating the wrong things.  Breakfast is a very important meal and should not be skipped at all.

To make things a little more fun and to get people eating their brekkie  in the morning Bill Wurtzel has put together a collection of videos of how to make these cool breakfast characters. All are healthy choices.

This video shows us how to make an egghead.

You will need:

A fried egg placed in the middle of the plate sunny side up

Slices of strawberries for eyes and mouth

Raisins for pupils

Wholemeal bread hat

Some salad for the hair

Hey presto one funny egghead.

For further info and others designs visit

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