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Art Blog | 11 Dec, 2012

Before we look at the art,let me explain what Feng Shui is for you.

When you walk into a house you can usually sense if it is a happy or sad place. What you are sensing is an invisible energy that flows through buildings and comes from people that have lived there before, If the energy is not right, then it will need to be rebalanced and removed. The principal of Feng Shui is the practice of a happy living enviroment in our homes. When used correctly and the energy is flowing in a positive way, it can attract good fortune, health, wealth and happiness.

So lets look at what art brings good luck in your home? Happy images on your walls of people enjoying life, like the painting by Renoir showing a happy sociable scene, or paintings of sailing ships in tranquil water as it symbolizes the arrival of good fortune. Mountain pictures or holy mountain pictures as these are strong and sturdy and can help give you solid support at work. What art can bring bad luck? These are pictures of animals like lions showing their teeth or a horse that has reared up, pictures that are dark and have faces on it that are old or ugly, any fighting pictures or war scenes. Anything that may cause distress to us and create negative energy.

As well as paintings we can also place statues in our home. A red, or red with gold Buddha placed in your home will bring good luck and happiness. A horse, as it will bring strength, courage and a sense of adventure, dragons and tortoises are also used for prosperity.

If you want to attract love and romance in your life then hang romantic art in your home. The painting the “Kiss” by Gustav Klimt is the most universally acknowledged painting of love. I once read a story about a guy who had money, a nice home, and a good job, but was living on his own. A friend came to visit and the man spoke of his loneliness, as his friend looked around the room he could see why the man was alone. He said to him, that you have all these beautiful pictures of women hanging on your wall, yet they all have their back to you and instead give there beauty to someone else to see. He asked the man that for one month to remove the pictures and instead hang paintings of beautiful women with faces that looked towards him. Hang them in your favourite rooms and your bedroom, so that you can gaze at their beauty and they can gaze at yours. The man did as he was asked and within one month was going to dinner with very lovely women and by the end of the month was in a relationship and felt good inside and no longer alone.

So by choosing carefully the art work we have in our homes, what type of ornaments we have and where they are placed, we can create a postive living space, that brings us great joy and peace when we walk through the door at night, and a life that we truly want and have created to some extent ourselves.

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