Fairitize My Art

A unique exhibit of paintings based on childhood fairy tales, chosen and interpreted by 10 artists individually and shown in the Singapore Gallery.

The fairy tales and folklore are retold, but only using black and white and a dash of colour.
Below is the name of some of the artists and the fairy tales that they have chosen and the reason as to why they chose them

Ng Ling Tze’s very first fairy tale she ever read was the Brothers Grimm story entitled The Six Swans. For this reason she chose this story, admitting she enjoyed the tale as a child and was inspired by a sister trying to help her brothers.

Antz based his work on Journey to the West, a Chinese classical folklore tale from the 16th Century about a monkey’s pilgrimage to the West. When asked why he chose to do this story, Antz replied that it’s “a reflection of my childhood, present and maybe future.

Shawn Siow’s series of digital prints and drawings were adapted from two stories: Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz. Believing one can never grow-up, Siow chose these popular fairytales from the past . “I hope to bring childhood memories back to the viewer, he was also captivated by the tin mans search for a heart.

Xiaobaosg’s Urashima digital print is from his “Panda Revolution” series. This particular piece represents a Japanese legend about a fisherman that rescues a turtle and is allowed to visit a palace under the sea

It is a very exciting and fresh idea on the fairytales that we have come to love in our childhood. There are lessons to be learnt from the fairytales, and that is that they teach us that sometimes in life things do not always run smooth and along the way we may face challenges and tests,but if we are true to ourselves and follow the right path in life then we can also have the fairytale ending that we have all longed for after reading these magical stories. For further information on this exhibition and pieces that were shown visit Fairitizemyart.com

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