EnHaoKicks: Custom Painted Starry Night Vans

Finding expressive and exciting uses for art is always great to come across and this fits the bill. The artist here has used their exceptional talent to transform a pair of Vans trainers into a work of art.

Somewhat cleverly, the piece painted on is by the infamous Vincent Van Gogh, making it only fitting to be on Vans trainers. This aside the replication of ‘Starry Night’ is nothing short of amazing, with attention to detail and color all being served and making what can only be an incredibly unique pair of trainers. Produced using paints and sealed with hairspray it’s fair to say watching this is quite inspirational.

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    1. very awesome. i favorited your website too, I was just wondering, what type of paint are you using? i started doing these but im just using sharpies, and I’d like to know what you’re using cause it really looks good! keep up the good work!

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