Earth Goddesses – Miho Hirano

Mother nature as they say is always with us. In these pictures created by Japanese artist Miho Hirano, she captures the pure essence of this.  The use of colour is the most striking thing you notice. Its calming and inviting look has you wanting to look deeper into the image.

As soon as I saw the first picture by Miho, it had me hooked. I so love the way that she has captured nature within her pictures.  How each woman has become part of the earth.








Looking a little closer you will see that trees, branches, flowers and birds have been entwined in the hair of each subject.  Each of the seasons Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn also feature as well

I was very taken with the water pictures, especially the ones were we see Goldfish swimming around and the women in ponds full of water lilies.


water lily








Although there is a lot of detail in her pictures it doesn’t complicate the image one bit.  They are all equally relaxing images that would feature anywhere in your home.

The artist herself has said that she wanted to show in her paintings sensuality and attraction.   You can see that through having flowers in their hair or even blossom growing on the trees,  birds, bees and even hummingbirds are shown to be drawn to them.  

More of her work can be found at






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