Drawing a Butterfly

Learn how to draw a butterfly step by step

Step 1
Start your drawing by drawing a circle to represent the head of the butterfly.  Draw another shape coming from the circle to represent the wing. Notice the shape of the wing.  The top of the wing should be slightly curved, while the bottom of the wing should have a bit of an angle in it.

Step 2
Next, draw the top half of the wing.  This line should extend out from the circle as well.  Define the head a bit more by drawing a rounded triangle.  Add some lines to indicate the antennae and the legs.

Step 3
At this stage in the drawing, you can draw a branch for the butterfly to be sitting on.  Also, add lines like the one in the picture to indicate the segments of the wings.

Step 4
Now add a few more segments to make the wings look even more realistic.  You can also add some angles to the wing to make it feel more organic.

Step 5
Now you can finish the drawing of a butterfly by adding shadow and a pattern on the wings.  Different butterflies have different types of patterns on their wings.  Be sure to put the pattern that you like best.  Usually the pattern on the wings carries over onto the face as well.  There you have it. Now you know how to draw a butterfly.

Butterflies are such beautiful creatures.  The way that they just float around with such freedom is amazing.  I always think how nice it is to see them in country meadows among all the wild flowers that grow.  A butterfly goes through lots of transformations before it gets to this stage.  It reminds me of us all.  We all go through changes and then suddenly we also emerge as a different being.  The butterfly for me represents new beginnings in life.

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