Customised Smiley Face Nail Art Tutorial

This is a great little nail art tutorial where the nail technician has taken a request from a student to design a unique set of smiley faces and the finished nails hold a design which is much different from most other smiley face designs out there.

She begins by painting the tips of her nails in a variety of colors like red, green and blue making sure there is a nice arc mirroring the top of the thumb which will form a nice line to work from for the smiley face character. Next is the use of a gloss black varnish applied with a fine detail brush and is going to create a nice striking smile going across the middle and down the edges of the nail. The same black polish is used to apply two very simple vertical lines to represent the cheeky eyes of the smiley face character.

It really is a nice simple tutorial which I believe even a beginner to nail art could endeavour to have a go at. So reach for your favourite colors and nail polish and quite simply have a go, what’s the worst that can happen?

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