Custom Painted Backpack

Brighten up those boring and dreary looking backpacks and create your very own amazing masterpiece

Lets face it, when you look for a backpack they are not the most atttractive things are they?

By using fabric paints have a go at making your own custom made one. You may decide to draw on the backpack first before you start painting, to give it that perfect look. Alternatively why not try free hand. Relax and let your mind go and paint something that is vibrant and fun to look at.

Choose whatever design you want. If you have a favoutie character then paint them on it, and if you have kids, princesses and transformers will always be a big hit for the younger generation.

You could of course start to create them for friends and family and earn yourself a few extra pennies.

So if you have one, or are going to buy one then give it a whirl

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