Create A Flexible Glass Sculpture

Presented by Julie Davis of Blick Art Materials, in this online art demonstration you will learn how to create a very contemporary, stylish and safe flexible glass sculpture to give as a gift or create for your own home. You don’t have to even be too familiar with sculpture to be able to recreate what this video is demonstrating.

All you will need for this is some 12 gauge aluminium sculpture wire, needle nose pliers, a non-glare sheet protector, arty stick (window clean paint).

Davis begins by cutting the aluminium sculpture wire down to a size which is easy for her to work with, and closes the ends off using the needle nose pliers and forms an organic circle. At this point it is entirely up to you as to how you want your sculpture to look, so with your fingers manipulate the wire creating as many indents and shapes as you can on the wire. This will not be your finished shape as when the paint is dried at the end you can re-mold your sculpture as many times as you like.

The non-glare sheet holds the paint in place and is perfect for re-molding just like the aluminium armature wire. The patterns you can achieve with the paint are literally endless so get as creative as you like whilst you are using them. Go as large as you like with your sculpture too by simply using more of the wire and attaching the non glare sheets together using a fixative like clear glue.

This art tutorial is a great for inspiration when taking on school projects or for simply creating some original and personal art sculpture for your own home. The paint you use is non toxic, so it is perfectly safe for children.

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